Brother SE2000 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Unleash your embroidery aspirations with the SE2000 Combo Sewing and Embroidery machine! Crafted to cater to both embroidery novices and seasoned sewing aficionados, this machine boasts an array of features to inspire creativity.

Step into a world of limitless possibilities with notable attributes like wireless LAN capability and a cutting-edge mobile app for design enthusiasts. Let your imagination soar as you craft dazzling embroidery designs on the generous 5” x 7” embroidery field, fueled by a creative lineup of 193 built-in designs.

Visualize your creations come to life on the intuitive 3.7” LCD color display screen, offering seamless on-screen editing functionalities such as letter editing and design combination. Dive into a comprehensive sewing experience with 241 built-in sewing stitches and personalize your projects with 13 embroidery fonts and 10 styles of one-step auto-size buttonholes.

Experience unparalleled ease with an exceptional feed system ensuring smooth fabric feeding, complemented by a notable 7.4" needle to arm space. Delight in embroidery speeds up to 650 stitches per minute (850 for sewing), adding a thrill to your creative process.

The SE2000 seamlessly integrates with the Brother iBroidery platform and the Brother 4” x 7” magnetic hoop, offering unparalleled flexibility for your projects. Harness the power of active tech with wireless connectivity, enabling hassle-free file transfers via Design Database Transfer directly from your PC to your machine.

Unlock your creativity with the My Custom Stitch feature, allowing you to design and save custom sewing stitches for personalized touches. Experience efficiency with Color Sort, reducing color changes in multi-color embroidery designs, and the Jump Stitch Trimming function, automating excess thread trimming.

Explore new horizons with the innovative Artspira App, offering a plethora of downloadable embroidery patterns and the ability to create custom designs right from your mobile device. Share your creations effortlessly across social media platforms and immerse yourself in the vibrant embroidery community.

With advanced features like an automatic needle threading system, an automatic thread cutter, and sewing speeds up to 850 spm, the SE2000 combines performance with reliability. Versatile and portable, it's perfect for sewing classes or collaborative DIY projects with friends.

Transform your home decor and breathe new life into apparel with personalized touches – with the SE2000, your embroidery dreams are within reach!

Bring your embroidery dreams to life! The SE2000 Combo Sewing and Embroidery machine has functions that both embroidery beginners and skilled sewing users will enjoy. Starting with such noteworthy features like a wireless LAN capability, a design-savvy mobile app¹, and a host of built-in designs, creating dazzling embroidery designs on the generous 5” x 7” embroidery field just became more entertaining. Choose from the creative lineup of 193 built-in embroidery designs and see the designs on the 3.7” LCD color display screen which allows for easy on-screen editing, including letter editing and combining designs. This combination machine offers the ultimate sewing and embroidery experience. Create a project using one of the 241 built-in sewing stitches and monogram or personalize the project with the 13 built-in embroidery fonts and 10 styles of one-step auto-size buttonholes. The exceptional feed system makes sewing a breeze and allows for smooth fabric feeding while the notable 7.4" from needle to arm, and embroidery speeds up to 650 stitches per minute (850 for sewing) adds to the excitement. Furthermore, with compatibility with the Brother iBroidery platform and the Brother 4” x 7” magnetic hoop², the SE2000 is the ideal machine for your next sewing or embroidery project. A key component to the SE2000 is the active tech that lends itself to creativity. When connected to a wireless network (wireless LAN enabled), the SE2000 lets you send files from your PC to your machine via Design Database Transfer¹ (no USB required), so you can send and then stitch! This free downloadable software allows for easy data management for all your designs. You can also create and send designs through PE-Design 11¹/² for even more flexibility. Also featured in the SE2000 is the expressive My Custom Stitch feature so that you can design your own custom sewing stitches and save them to your machine for even more personalization. The SE2000 has Color Sort, which adjusts the order in which multi-color embroidery designs are stitched, thus reducing color changes, and making it more efficient. In addition, the practical Jump Stitch Trimming function automatically trims any excess thread jumps within the color. A highlight of the SE2000 is the new Artspira App¹ This new feature has embroidery patterns you can download, plus the ability to create embroidery patterns by drawing on your mobile device. The tools embedded in the app for drawing include a pen (single/zigzag), shapes, and an eraser. You can draw line-art inspired designs up to 5” x 7” (130mm × 180mm) and then transfer them to your SE2000 wirelessly. Once you’ve completed your custom drawing, the app has a Stitch Simulator so you can view how your design will look when stitched out. The Artspira App lets you share your creations on many social media platforms as well. The SE2000 comes with an advanced needle threading system and an automatic thread cutter, sewing speed up to 850 spm, and legendary Brother reliability. A portable powerhouse, the SE2000 can be used for sewing classes or collaborating with sewing friends on the next great DIY project. With the SE2000 you can create inviting home decor, or upcycle apparel with a splash of personalization, and bring your embroidery dreams to life!