Baby Lock Meridian 2 Embroidery Machine

Unleash your inner artist! The Baby Lock Meridian 2 embroidery machine will inspire you to unlock your artistry and creative possibilities.

It features a myriad of stitch options to customize your design and IQ Technology® that allows you to wirelessly transfer images to your machine from your smart device using the IQ Intuition Positioning® App for perfect design placement in the hoop or design creation in IQ Designer.

IQ Intuition Positioning

Effortlessly capture fabric images within the hoop using your smart device, and wirelessly transfer them to your Baby Lock embroidery machine. With lifelike color and high resolution, you can easily position your design exactly where you envision it. Whether for design placement or creation in IQ Designer, this user-friendly app enhances your creative journey.

IQ Designer

This feature-rich technology allows you to effortlessly transform your imagination into reality. Draw directly on the screen, scan your favorite artwork or upload an existing file and watch your art seamlessly convert into intricate embroidery patterns, ensuring each stitch captures your originality and flair. Then wirelessly send the design to your embroidery machine!

2-point Positioning

Experience flawless embroidery placement with the innovative 2-point positioning function, with needle beam. Effortlessly preview the position of your embroidery design and make real-time adjustments to achieve impeccable precision. With this technology, your creations will be perfectly positioned, allowing you to achieve exceptional results every time.

Needle Beam

Say goodbye to uncertainty with the built-in brilliance of the LED pointer on the embroidery foot. With this ingenious feature, you’ll always know precisely where your needle will drop, ensuring accuracy and eliminating any guesswork. Achieve flawless embroidery designs with confidence, ensuring that your creations are perfectly placed every time.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Get the next level of convenience and connectivity with wireless capability! This Wi-Fi-enabled marvel allows you to effortlessly download update files, explore a range of apps, and seamlessly transfer your designs using the Design Database Transfer or Palette 11 design software (optional purchase). Stay ahead of the curve with the power of wireless technology!

Quilting Around an Embroidery Pattern

Whether you’re looking to add stippling, echo quilting, or any of the 48 stunning Decorative Fill patterns from IQ Designer, this feature allows you to seamlessly integrate quilting elements around your chosen design. With adjustable line spacing, customizable distance, and frame size, unlock the power to combine embroidery and quilting like never before!

9.5″ X 14″ Embroidery Field

Bring your grandest creative visions to life with the impressive 9.5″ x 14″ embroidery field. Say goodbye to frequent re-hooping as you embark on larger embroidery designs, allowing you to indulge in seamless and continuous stitching, transforming your projects into works of art that exude elegance and sophistication.

534 Built-in Embroidery Designs

Dive into a world of endless creativity with the Baby Lock Meridian 2 and its remarkable collection of 534 built-in embroidery designs. From intricate florals to whimsical characters, you’ll find the perfect design for every project. With 200 exclusive designs from Baby Lock and large thumbnail images, selecting the perfect match for your vision is a breeze!