Floriani Lettering Master Software

Floriani Lettering Master is embroidery digitizing software designed to customize unique fonts for any lettering project.

Floriani Lettering Master creates custom fonts for all lettering needs. Features that are exclusive to Lettering Master are the ability to create embroidery keyboard fonts from True Type® fonts as well as the ability to edit fonts created in the software. More than 90 fonts are pre-installed in Lettering Master.

Specialty features of Lettering Master include its font creator, font mapping, and the ability to export fonts to be used with Floriani Total Control U, the premier software suite for digitizing embroidery. (Note: Floriani Lettering Master is a stand-alone software that does not require other Floriani software to use. However, if Lettering Master and FTC-U are both installed and activated, Lettering Master features will unlock inside the FTC-U.

Standard Features

Lettering Master has auto-saving, ruler, zooming and panning, and recoloring lettering segments and designs.

View Features

Several view features make it possible to visualize the digitizing process and end-result prior to stitch-out. These include 3D Realistic Stitch View, the option to display fabrics in the background, and the ability to view the design’s stitch sequence. Also handy are the options to display a design grid and hoops, and the capacity to view entry, exit, commands and stitch points.

Lettering and Fonts

There are more than 75 standard fonts and more than 15 monogram fonts included in Lettering Master. The software also allows for single-line, multi-line, and circle lettering, as well as monogram lettering and envelope lettering. Beyond the standard fonts is the potential to create custom keyboards fonts.

Creation and Editing Features

Features like undo/redo, cut/copy/paste/delete are standard features that are included for creating and editing fonts. In addition, Lettering Master goes beyond to include: