Embellish Heat Transfer Chalkboard

Embellish® Heat Transfer Chalkboard can be used with a digital cutter or as an appliqué fabric transforming any design into a chalk project. Once applied with an iron or a heat press, the chalkboard vinyl becomes permanent. The matte chalk surface wipes clean with a damp cloth. Combine Embellish® Heat Transfer Foil with chalkboard for a multi-layer application.

One 19” x 24” Sheet per package

Embellish™ Heat Transfer Chalkboard comes with a built-in heat resistant pressing sheet. This special vinyl material is heat activated. When cutting this product on a digital cutter, mirror the design. Place the carrier sheet face down on the mat. Do not cut through the clear carrier sheet, only cut through the chalkboard material.

Application Instructions

Temperature: 293°F/135°C

Time: 12 seconds

Pressure: Medium

Peel: Warm

Material Compatibility

100% Cotton

Cotton Blends


Deco Magic (insert trademarks)

Can layer With Embellish® Foil