Grace Little Rebel

Sewers and Quilters deserve a machine that can help them create projects as imaginative as they are. 

From features like size, 1600 stitches per minute, and its sewing-to-quilting feature, the Little Rebel is designed to be the tool you need for your next step in both sewing, or quilting.

Add A Quilting Frame : Cutie Breeze

The Little Rebel is an all in one quilting and sewing machine like no other. This machine allows you to do all of your piecing with the sewing feet and feed dogs. When you are ready to finish your project, you can change over to quilting in less than a minute. All you have to do is slide the quilting plate on and change the sewing foot to the quilting foot. Even better is you can free motion your way either on a frame or sit down with the included quitling extension base.  Tackle any project with confidence!

Enjoy features such as:

13" of throat length

8.5" of throat height

Built in stitch regulation

Easily swap from sewing to quilting modes

Throat, needle, and bobbin lighting

Powerful motor with stitch speeds up to 1600 stitches per minute

Ability to handle almost any type of fabric

M-Class bobbin

And more!

To make this all possible we give you everything you need to get started:

Little Rebel machine

Foot Pedal

Stitch Control Box (For mounting on handles)

Sewing foot

Quilting foot

Quilting Plate

Size 14 and 16 MR needles (10 each)

Needle threading tool

Machine oil

And more!