Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum

Offering 1,200 Watts of Vortex motor power and casting a looming shadow over dust and other harmful particles, the Miele Complete C3 Brilliant canister vacuum cleaner is the culmination of years of vacuum prowess. With supreme hardwood and carpet cleaning capabilities, this machine gives “second to none” a whole new meaning.

This specific Miele canister vacuum comes standard with a parquet twister XL floor tool for top notch hardwood cleaning as well as a Miele power head SEB236 for the best possible carpet agitation and overall deep cleaning. As an added bonus, this first-rate power nozzle automatically adjusts the height of the brush roll to adapt to the surface being cleaned. With this attachment, the Miele Brilliant is also Mohawk-recommended for soft carpet vacuuming. In order to control this masterful power nozzle, the deluxe hose handle offers an ergonomic grip with suction controls for varying levels of power.

Not only does the Complete C3 Brilliant Miele canister vacuum offer state of the art cleaning performance, but it also utilizes a Miele SF-HA50 active HEPA filter in order to provide only the best filtration for you and your family. For added convenience, this machine comes equipped with an indicator that informs you when the filter needs to be replaced. The type G/N vacuum bags for the Complete C3 Brilliant help to provide additional layers of AirClean filtration for the machine as well, making it one of the healthiest home appliances available.

Also included with this outstanding Miele vacuum is a set of tools to assist in the cleaning of numerous other surfaces. The dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice tool are all available as on-board attachments in hopes of offering you everything you need to keep your home glistening from top to bottom. Also glistening are the LED lights located on the bottom of the vacuum and on the handle of the hose in order to shed light on the areas you plan on cleaning, and allow you to do so more thoroughly. With an overall cleaning radius of 36 feet, this particular Miele Brilliant canister vacuum really can do it all.